Content is king.

Blocked, ignored, fraudulent audience numbers, ridiculous rates — advertising no longer adds up. Too often today, PR stands for Poor ROI, with stupendous sums spent to achieve piddling coverage.

Old-school methods are outmoded, outdated, overpriced. Still, as a brand or business, you need your stories told. You need to communicate, right?

Nowadays, that’s best done via creative content that engages, entertains and educates the audience (those lovely people you call customers). Content the consumer not only doesn’t disregard, but actively hunts down and shares socially, virally, serving en masse as the biggest distribution platform ever.

Great content makes the customer your evangelist. And unlike publicist$ (ching!), publisher$ (ker-ching!) and ad agencie$ (kaaaaa-BLAM!), they do it for the love — of your brand, and your storytelling.


BUCU connects brands, businesses and individuals with top-quality content creators whose stock in trade is crafting compelling media. With backgrounds working for leading international publications — think NYT, Wallpaper, GQ, Esquire, Vogue, the FT, Monocle and the like — our network of storytellers create content that people actively want to consume. (Sometimes they even pay for the privilege, believe it or not.)

We don’t have the most content creators. At BUCU, we have the best.

We don’t farm work out to content sweatshops in the back o’ beyond. We engage world-class ‘name’ talent in the UK, US, Australia, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong and beyond.

We don’t use hackneyed ad guys, but gifted storytellers with editorial expertise. People who know how to simplify the complicated, funkify the dry, and draw in audiences. 

We’re not a hit’n’miss Tinder-like tech matchmaker. BUCU consults with you personally, connects you with the content creator who’ll fit you like a glove — then carefully quality controls the job, ensuring you get precisely the Grade A content you wanted. Guaranteed.


From solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups through to major corporations and MNCs, BUCU will tailor a bespoke content solution to you. Social media content and strategy, website copy, brand identity and design, videos, articles and visuals, infographics, white papers and thought-leader posts, and placements in prominent publications and websites… We can get you boocoo coverage, anywhere and everywhere.

Contact BUCU, tell us your story — we’ll get it out there. 

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